Student Status

Households that consist entirely of full-time students and that do not qualify for an exception are not eligible to live at Pine Berry. The following is a brief summary of the current regulations about student status.

A student is a person carrying a subject load considered full-time by the 
educational institution being attended, or who shall be a full-time student at an educational institution during five (5) months of the calendar year. The determination of full-time or part–time status is based on the criteria used by the educational institution the student is attending.

Some exceptions do apply. Please note that the following is a very brief summary of the exceptions.

  • Households consisting of full-time students may qualify if:
    • Students are married and entitled to file a joint federal income tax return; or


    • The household consists of an independent single parent and his/her children, all of whom are not dependents of a third party other than the absent parent; or


    • At least one household member receives welfare assistance under Title IV of the Social Security Act (AFDC/TANF); or


    • At least one household member is enrolled in and receiving assistance under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA – formerly the Job Training Partnership Act) or other similar programs operating under Federal, State or local laws; or


    • At least one household member previously received Foster Care Assistance under part B or E of Title IV of the Social Security Act (H.R. 3221, effective 07/30/08 forward).

At no time during the lease or any extension thereof, may the unit be occupied entirely by full-time students who are not otherwise exempt. If a household qualified at move-in but later became comprised entirely of full-time students (not meeting one of the exemptions), the household would no longer be qualified to occupy the unit.